YTE X580 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

With the Lidar Navigation & Smart Mapping, YTE X580 robotic vacuum stand best in its business. YTE X580 support built-in Alexa and Google Assistant voice control. Clean your carpets and hardfloor with strong suction power.

The x580 robotic vacuum cleaner is made by yte oka. In the box, you’re going to get your warranty card and contact info. You’re going to get a user manual, and it’s going to show you how to set up Amazon Alexa, and on the flip side, it’ll show you how to set up google assistant.

YTE X580 Review

This is a pretty helpful pamphlet, and you’re going to get a remote control and AAA batteries. The batteries are not included; you’re going to get a power adapter. We’re going to get a home base, and then on the left side, you plug it to give it power. You will get two sets of left colours coded in white and write colour-coded and orange brushes.

YTE X580 Review


You’re going to get a cleaning tool, and it has a tiny blade on it to help you clean it. You’re going to get an extra brush and also a different filter when you get the robot.

Bumper Guard

You’re going to see it’s going to have these white tabs; take them off. They’re just there to protect the bumper guard during transportation. You want to give power to the robot, come over here to this site, and there’s like a little button here that you can flip, and that’ll give you power.


Also, if you need to charge the device directly, you can do it from here on the top side, where you’re going to have a power button, and you’re also going to have a charge button.

The power button stop stops and starts the cleaning process. Also, if you hold down the power button, it will activate the wi-fi uh signal, so right here, it’ll let you know if the wi-fi is working or not.The charging button here will send the robot back home all right.

App Option

Hence, another cool feature about the robot it has this bit of extrusion here, so this thing spins around, and it captures the perimeters of your house, so it’s a pretty cool feature you can see down in the app when you set it up.