Mpow MDots Wireless Earbuds Review

Today, we will look at a budget pair of earbuds, the MPow Mdots. I will go over specs features, provide music and microphone samples then give my thoughts. It comes with the user manual micro USB charging cable and an assortment of ear tips and ear wings.

Mpow MDots review

Mpow MDots vs Other Bluetooth Headphones

Mpow earbuds quickly become very competitive at making very inexpensive earbuds. They all have that signature sound that Mpow produces with the bass plus, and their mics are usually tuned to pick up voices well. And these m-dots fit that pattern, but the m-dots are unique in a way the physical buttons will appeal to a lot of people.

They’re different than a lot of the other inexpensive earbuds with touch controls. The physical buttons on these m-dots are straightforward to use, especially in the winter while wearing gloves, and you rarely make mistakes while clicking these buttons and these earbuds are a fairly long earbud.


If you’re looking for a dot-style earbud with physical button controls at a reasonable price from a reputable manufacturer, these should be on your list. They’re a little bit of a larger earbud and probably not recommended for people with smaller ears.

Bluetooth Connection & IPX6 Waterproof

The case uses Bluetooth 5.0 button controls micro USB for charging, and its ipx6 waterproof case is compact and has a capsule shape. The Bluetooth connection extremely simple one connection to your device for both stereo and using either bud in mono mode.

The earbuds connect to your device as soon as you open the case. These earbuds are ipx6 rated, so feel free to use them in the rain or for any heavy-duty workout where you would get sweaty.

Button Controls

On the outer face, you have the MPow branding along with the button control. Each earbud has interchangeable ear wings and ear tips charging contacts, button controlled and a microphone.

mpow mdots earbuds review

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the m-dots is pretty typical for MPow. You got that strong bass and even got sub-bass with m-dots. You get that boosted set of high frequencies, and the vocals are pretty upfront and center on the sound stage.

But you don’t get a ton of detail in the mid-range, and I think it’s a perfect sound signature for working out, and it’ll keep you motivated in your workouts. You could crank these earbuds up to about 100 decibels which is louder than anyone.


They are side-by-side button controls straightforward with a few tabs to navigate; these also have volume controls. The case comes in at 2.6 by 1.5 by 1.1 inches. It weighs in at 31 grams, and the earbuds come in at 9 grams.


The microphone quality was just ok it came in a bit low for my liking. The pairing process was instant, and when testing video on an ios device, there was no noticeable latency range that was stable as I tested in a 1400 square feet set.

mpow mdots wireless earbuds review


It has a matte finish all around with the MPow branding on the top of the lid. On the front of the case, you’ll find the status led, and on the back, you have the micro USB charge port.

The lid is magnetic, and it feels tight when magnets secure opening and closing earbuds, and they’re easy to grip and remove from the case. The earbuds have a simple design with a matte finish all around. It’s small in size, and you have ear markings on the inside.


The m-dots created a tight, secure fit, and the rear wings help. There’s sound passive noise isolation as well; they’re very light, and at times you don’t even know you have them on, and I didn’t feel excessive pressure in my ear canals. The button controls were responsive, and it doesn’t require a lot of pressure to activate building quality because the case has a simple, compact design.

I would have liked to seen USB-C instead of micro. I like the ipx6 rating, so this should protect you from the elements. When it comes to sound, I was very impressed the bass came in heavy deep and punchy, and I didn’t expect that from the small design, mids and highs come in clean and clear, and there’s the excellent separation.